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Our protection services include fully managed antivirus, fraudulent website protection, and system patching. We take care of it all for you, so you don't need to worry about it! If a virus gets through our full protection plan, we will clean it at no cost to you.
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When something does break, we provide quick, friendly repair and replacement services. Our online store has everything you may need, and we ensure new systems are properly provisioned according to your needs. We take the worries off your shoulders.
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Our managed monitoring service provides proactive checks for disk and other system problems, as well as remote connectivity so we can fix your problems without bothering your schedule with appointments. We will generally know before an error condition becomes a problem for you, so we can keep you from inconvenient downtime.
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We partner with the industry veteran, Harbortouch, for Point Of Sale turnkey solutions for your business. For a very low monthly subscription, you get full POS capability and 24x7 toll free and remote support. We also provide on site support!
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If you're tired of getting spam and email-borne viruses, then look no further because we've got exactly what you need! Our email filtering service is 99.999% accurate. Daily digests let you control the filtering for your trusted senders. Further, if your mail hosting service goes down, you can still get your email through our web services. We also provide our own mail hosting services that affords you up to 1TB of inbox space, so you never have to worry about mail quotas!
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Whether you need simple economy backup services or more robust BDR (Backup & Data Restoration) services, we've got you covered with enterprise grade solutions! We follow the "3-2-1" model for backups. Data in 3 places, on 2 different types of media, and 1 place is off site. This is the gold standard for data protection and recovery!
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If you need advice on computer matters, look no further! We consult on Windows, Mac, and UNIX/Linux topics. We can help you fix your servers, or do adjunct sysadmin work for you. Give us a call to discuss your situation today!
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Not sure which hardware to get for your office? Don't just pick the least expensive, and don't assume you need the most expensive. With our decades of experience, we can get you just what you need for trouble free times.
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Need help figuring out that new software? Don't know how to configure your email system? Our patient and experienced staff will have you up and running in no time. We can tutor you remotely or on site.